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cannabis indica strain

It’s worth noting that there has been plenty of evidence recently, to suggest even though cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and a hybrid type, all look physically different, they may still produce varying results. For example, savivas are generally known to produce a big high, while indicas are more sedative. Research has shown that while the plants may look physically different, this does not have an effect on how you feel when smoking the stuff. What you should be looking for is the THC and CBD content, as well as the combination of terpenes each strain contains. So, it’s the cannabinoids and terpenes you should look for when choosing a new strain.

indica effects

Indicas are commonly thought to induce a deep, full body relaxation experience, helping with insomnia, stress and anxiety. Due to it’s calming effects, many users seek indicas for night time use. It generally has a higher CBD level, so great for medical use for example, chronic pain

close up of top of marijuana plant

indica plant appearance

Cannabis indica plants have much shorter, bushier, dark green leaves, compared to the sativa variety, growing around 2 to 6 ft tall. This can be great for those short on space or wanting to grow indoors. They also grow faster, have a shorter flowering cycle and prefer cooler climates, with a shorter season.

They grow much wider and produce bigger yields. Indica flowers are thick and more dense than sativa flowers and centre around the nodes of the plant (where the leaves sprout from the stem). If you are using your plant to make hashish then go with an indica, as it will contain more resin. 

growing indica

The plant is typically grown in cooler climates, originating from Afghanistan, Turkey, Nepal, Northern Pakistan and the Hindu Kush mountains. Indicas are often preferred by growers, due to their high yields and shorter seasons, meaning you can get several cycles throughout the year, taking around 2 months to flower (8-12 weeks flowering period). They can be grown both indoors and outdoors and are considered by many to be easier to grow than sativas. Growers commonly use 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark a day with indica plants, for the most optimised growing.  

For beginner growers, it may be best to use a hybrid indica type, due to its higher resilience to mould and pests. Note that Indica plants can be susceptible to mould. To help reduce this, ensure they have a good air circulation and ventilation, making sure the top layer of soil is completely dry before watering again, trimming the leaves during late flowering stage, making sure the humidity doesn’t exceed 50% and properly drying the buds after harvesting. 


indica-dominant seeds

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