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why is security important?

Even though growing cannabis is legal in many areas, this will not deter thieves that know you are growing a stash of weed. It’s important to keep in mind how visible your outdoor or indoor grow room is and probably best to keep it as discreet as you can and avoid telling lots of people that you are growing cannabis at home.

Others may not realise that growing cannabis at home is actually legal in places and could call the police on you, which would just cause an inconvenience on your part or even a dispute between neighbours (which no one wants).

Not only do you need to be careful of those who may want to steal your lovely crops, you also need to think about safety, as well as security. 

How safe is your electrical equipment? Are you using the correct voltage? Is the electrical equipment away from the water source? Are the lights safe and not overheating, which could cause a fire risk? These are important things to consider when growing indoors. 

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how to keep your crop secure

Be discreet

It would be unwise to brag about your nice, juicy stash of marijuana back home, even if its only to friends. They could tell someone else, who tells another person, and before you know it, there are plenty of people who know about your plants. 

This only increases the risk of people wanting to steal some or even go to the police. Of course, you should only be growing where it is legal and then you will not have anything to worry about, its more of the inconvenience it can cause to you.

Keep the room quiet

Your grow room equipment can be noisy, as can setting up the room in the first place. Try to keep noise levels down and place exhaust fans and other equipment away from walls or use things to absorb some of the noise, such as a sponge.

Be aware of odours

The smell from a cannabis grow room can be incredibly potent if not controlled correctly. Use an exhaust fan, with a carbon filter and have a good ventilation system to control that recognisable smell of marijuana.

Keep up to date

It is vital that you know the laws in your area to avoid doing anything illegal. Here at Cannabis Growing Australia, we only promote lawful growing of marijuana and it is up to you to know the laws of what you can and cannot grow. 

Most places will have a limit as to how many plants you can have growing at one time, so be in the know before you grow.

The right location

If growing outdoors you may want to put up fences or security cameras but not in a way that causes suspicion. Sometimes just adding lots of other plants around your cannabis will be a better way for it to ‘blend in’ with everything else in your garden. If growing indoors, be sure to keep the grow room or cupboard discreet for when visitors come around. 

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keeping your grow room safe

Electrical hazards are a risk with an indoor grow room, and you must ensure all the equipment is set up properly. Be careful not to overload an extension lead with too many cables as this could cause a short circuit. Keep your water source away from any electrical equipment and keep chemicals, such as fertilisers in a safe place and out of harms way.

It is also good to make sure your room is waterproof and not to allow moisture to leak from anywhere (such as the tank) as this can cause flooring to rot, causing a safety hazard. Be sure that your cables can handle the voltage and you are not overloading plug sockets. Check cables are cut to the right size and well connected. 

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Our deep love of plants and fascination with Cannabis has enabled over 25 years of successful small scale Marijuana cultivation from indoor hydroponics, greenhouses and outdoor growing set-ups.

As Cannabis laws around the world change, *we support the movement toward freedom of choice for responsible, consenting adults who wish to experience the joy and wonder of growing a Cannabis plant.

*All info is for entertainment purposes only.  We do not condone illegal growing of Cannabis.   Consult your state laws accordingly.