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what is hydroponic gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is growing in a nutrient solution, as opposed to the traditional soil method. It can be a great way to garden indoors, if tight on space, and a much less messy version then getting down and dirty in the garden! It can also reduce the risk of pests eating away at your plants. It gives you complete control over what nutrients you feed your plants and reduces the use of herbicides and pesticides.

A growing medium is used instead of soil, this could be coco coir, perlite, hydroton (clay pebbles), vermiculite or most popular, a combination of these. There are many hydroponics systems, each a little different. Generally, water or a nutrient solution is fed to the plants through a timer. The roots either always sit in the nutrient solution or are fed at different intervals throughout the day.

Hydroponic systems can be very versatile, and some can easily be made on a DIY budget, but they can be slightly complex to set up. Once up and running though, the maintenance is much easier. You will need to regularly check on your system, equipment, and pH levels of the water.

There are many types of hydroponics system. Read up on each different system in find out what will suit you best. 

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starter grow materials

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