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Grow Mediums

what is a growing medium?

A grow medium is the material the plant roots will grow in, the most traditional growing medium is soil, but it can also be things like perlite, coco coir or even water, as in hydroponics. You will want to pick the right growing medium for your plant, to develop nice, heathy roots. Each growing medium has its advantages and disadvantages so you may want to experiment to find out which one is your own personal preference.

We look at some of the most popular mediums for growing cannabis. Have a read of each and see which one appeals to you. 

hydroton clay pebbles
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types of growing medium

Learn more about each growing medium and experiment with what works best for you. 

starter grow materials

Here are the essentials you will need in starting out your cannabis growing journey. We provide high quality products to make your first grow that little bit easier.