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different ways to grow

So you’ve decided you want to grow your own cannabis- now you need to decide which way you want to grow it. There are many ways to grow from the traditional growing method in soil to hydroponic set ups. Most begginner growers will settle for soil, as it’s familier and well known. It’s also a very natural way to grow. Hydroponic systems can be more complex but a fun challenge, most of which can be done DIY style. Have a read of the different ways to grow and see which one suits you. 

starter grow materials

Here are the essentials you will need in starting out your cannabis growing journey. We provide high quality products to make your first grow that little bit easier. 

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what makes a good soil?

Soil for traditional growing should be a nice dark colour, rich, loose in texture, it should have good moisture retention but also drain well. Adding organic matter to your soil such as blood meal, bat guano and worm castings, can really add to the overall quality. 

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