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The Grow Space

setting up your grow space

If you are fed up of growing a tiny pot by the windowsill and are now ready to dive into a full indoor grow room, this will be an exciting challenge for you. Contrary to belief, it does not always have to be super costly to set up a grow room and can be done on a pretty reasonable budget. Growing your own cannabis from start to finish can be a hugely satisfying process in which you will be able to enjoy the end result that much more.

There are many different ways to grow cannabis at home, from a full scale grow room to a small grow tent in a cupboard. We will look at the different options available, what you will need for your grow space and types of set up for a budget grow room.

Before you start your grow room, it is advisable that you come up with a plan. What do you want from your grow room? How many plants will you need to grow? Be careful about not exceeding the amount you are allowed to grow, depending on the laws in your area. There is no point setting up a large grow room if you are only able to grow a couple of plants at a time, etc. 

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finding the right grow space

First of all, you will need to find the right space for your marijuana plans to grow. The space will need to be clean and have a surface that is easy to clean. It must also be in a space where you can easily control the temperature and climate. Having room to walk around your plants and maintain any equipment is a good idea, and with grow tents, you can simply take the plants out to attend to them. 1m² is a good amount of space for a home grow of a few small plants or a couple of larger plants.

Grow Tents

Grow tents are a great way to start your cannabis growing and are affordable online. They come in all sizes and are lined with a highly reflective material, providing the perfect climate for your plants. When closed, they are completely light sealed, providing your plants with the full darkness they need. Grow tents are also extremely easy to clean with just soap and water. Easily bought online, they can be set up easily and quickly.

Grow Room

Other areas you may want to consider growing are in a large cupboard, wardrobe, spare room, basement, or a dedicated room. If setting up a grow room yourself, be prepared for some extra maintenance and costs. You will have to paint the wall in a reflective or matte white paint, and ensure any cracks and holes are filled in, to stop any light coming through.

Ensuring that your room is light proof is important. Not only can it keep you awake at night if light is leaking out through, lets say, a bedroom cupboard, it can also disrupt the growth of the plant during the 12/12 hour light/dark cycle at the beginning of the flowering stage. If any light leaks in the grow room when it is supposed to be 100% dark, it can confuse the plants. This can lead to them not developing properly of producing a much lower yield (and that is something you definitely do not want!).

You will also need to think about the odour from your plants during the flowering stage. This can be quite a strong smell and you may want to invest in some ventilation and extractor fans. Be careful where you place your fans as they can cause noise and vibration. Placing them against a wall, which backs on to another room will be annoying for whoever is next door.

Be sure to test your grow room or tent for any light leakage. Turn off the lights and check for any light leakage. Be sure to cover up any bits of light you see, including the small lights that may be attached to electrical equipment you have in there. Cover these lights up with dark duct tape. 

climate of your grow space

The advantage of having in indoor grow space is that you are able to control the climate and temperate at each stage of plant growth. Temperature and humidity are vital for healthy plant growth. Too much humidity and your plants will be susceptible to mould, too little and they may dry out. Monitoring the climate of your room can vary with using expensive climate control systems that will control everything, to a basic thermostat and timer. You will need to make sure it is well ventilated (this can be achieved with a simple fan) and that air is circulating well around the room. 


grow room lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of growing cannabis indoors, so try and get some good quality lighting. HID (high-intensity discharge) lights are the industry standard and provide good quality, are efficient and good value. If you can afford to buy digital, then do it, but avoid the cheap knock offs as they are frequently ineffective. 

LED lighting can be very efficient for indoor cannabis growing. They use less electricity, generate less heat, include a wide range of light, and can last much longer than other types of light. Fluorescent lights are great for those on a smaller budget or with a small number of plants. They can be cheaper to set up, as they do not produce a high heat, such as HID lights. They can, however, be less effective than the previous two methods, as they use less light per wattage, as well as taking up additional space. 

reflective surfaces

Your grow space will need a reflective surface so your plant receives the maximum amount of light, which will be evenly spread across your plant. Having walls that reflect light can even add another 30% extra light onto the surface of your plants. Mylar is a highly reflective material that many growers chose to create reflective light in their grow room. 

air circulation

You should ensure your grow space is airtight to reduce the strong odour that will be coming from your plants during the flowering stage. This may not seem too bad for you, if you are used to going in and out of the room but be aware that others may be able to smell it even a few doors down!

You can use an extractor fan to take away the smell, as well as any excessive heat. You will also need a ventilation system or pipe that allows fresh air into the room for your plants to grow properly. A fan is also important to help distribute the fresh air evenly through the room. 

large cannabis-farm

room temperature

When the grow lights are on, they should be generating heat but when they are off, you will need to create a warm atmosphere for your plants to thrive. This is especially true for cooler climates. Keep a warm temperature for your plants to thrive, they do not like cold places. If you do live in a cold place, you may want to keep your lights on all the time during the initial phase. 

maintaining your grow space

It is important that you regularly check on your plants and the equipment in the room. If any equipment has a fault, it can quickly change the environment of the grow space and your plants could start to suffer (for example, from mould or diseases). It is also vital that the space is kept clean and maintained to make sure no pests can get in and ruin your crop.

To deep dive further into the things needed to grow indoors, please check out the dropdown section titles ‘indoor growing’ for more information. 

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