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cannabis sativa strain

It’s worth noting that there has been plenty of evidence recently, to suggest even though cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and a hybrid type, all look physically different, they may still produce varying results. For example, savivas are generally known to produce a big high, while indicas are more sedative. Research has shown that while the plants may look physically different, this does not have an effect on how you feel when smoking the stuff. What you should be looking for is the THC and CBD content, as well as the combination of terpenes each strain contains. So, it’s the cannabinoids and terpenes you should look for when choosing a new strain.

sativa effects

The sativa strain has been popular for years, typically known to give users that typical ‘high’ when smoked, and that is because of it’s high THC content (the psychoactive effect). It can give you that euphoric and energising feeling, alertness, as well as helping with creativity in some users. It can also help some with depression and fatigue. 

close up cannabis flowers

sativa plant appearance

The plant itself grows very tall (around 9 to 20 ft) and slim, with long, thin leaves and is lighter in colour compared to indica plants. Sativa plants are grown in warm climates such as Thailand, Southern India, Africa, Mexico, and Colombia. They generally take longer to grow than indicas, but with a short vegetative stage and have a longer flowering season. This is because they are typically grown in regions with longer summers, close to the equator, where the daylight hours do not continually change. The flowers are fluffy, longer and thinner than with indica strains, and will grow along the length of the stem. 

growing sativa

The sativa plant is a great choice for outdoor growers, particularly those in warmer climates as they do not mind the heat, although they can be grown indoors also. The sativa varieties used for indoor growing typically have been bred with an indica strain, to reduce the height of the plant and shorten the flowering cycle.

Sativas love intense light but try to keep the temperature below 29 degrees Celsius and the humidity at around 55 to 65% (RH). You should be careful not to use too much fertilizer with sativa plants but do regularly water them. The flowering cycle can last from 9 to 14 weeks (but it can be around 6 months from growing to flowering).

indoor marijuana

other usages

Most industrial usages, using hemp, are derived from the cannabis sativa plant. In the past, it was used to make rope, building materials, sails, clothing and textiles. Cannabis sativa can also be used to make hempseed oil, for cooking, lamps, herbal extracts, paints and even bird seed. 

sativa-dominant seeds

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