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cannabis grow calendar australia

Australia has many different climates, so knowing which climate you live in, will affect how you take care of your cannabis plant. For example, those in the hot desert climate will have to water more frequently and with larger amounts, than those from a cooler climate. The grow calendar is important so you can manage how you attend to your plants and are ready and prepared for each month. Below is an Australian grow guide for each month. 


August is the perfect month to start getting prepared. Most of the colder weather should be over and you can now think about buying your seeds and germinating them. Sativa strains do well in the outdoor warm weather but some indica strains will not handle very warm temperatures, so double check you have seeds that will do well where you live.

For those growing outdoors from start to finish, it may be better to wait a while longer for the weather to warm up to put your seeds in the ground, or you could think about germinating your seed indoors. Seedlings like temperatures from 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. You can start to prepare your soil and growing area now. 

temperate climate diagram 5
sub tropical climate diagram 9
tropical climate diagram 9
arid climate diagram 9
mediterranean climate diagram 9


The warmer weather is slowly creeping up, particularly in the northern parts of the country. You can begin sprouting your plants at this stage. If doing this indoors, put your little plant by the window and make sure there are at least 12 hours of light during the day. This is the minimum your plant needs to grow. 

If there is still not 12 hours of daylight where you are, you could always start the seedlings off with a grow light indoors.  

temperate climate diagram 4
sub tropical climate diagram 8
tropical climate diagram 8
arid climate diagram 8
mediterranean climate diagram 8


If you are living in warmer climates and the temperature is now over 21 degrees Celsius, then you will be able to move your plant outdoors during the day. Ensure it still gets at least 12 hours of light, preferably more if you can. The young plants are still fragile, so do move them back inside to stay warm overnight. 

If in the tropics, it may be warm enough to leave them outside and be sure to give enough water during the day as temperatures can rise during October. 

For those in cooler climates, growing by the windowsill, this is a good time to start sprouting your plants, if you have not done so already. The days will be getting longer and there should be 12 hours each day now. 

temperate climate diagram 3
sub tropical climate diagram 7
tropical climate diagram 7
arid climate diagram 7
mediterranean climate diagram 7
cannabis first leaves


You can now leave your plants out during the day and night as the temperatures are starting to warm up. If it is still below 15 degrees Celsius overnight however, still bring them inside overnight. Now’s also a great time to plant auto flowering seeds, that will be ready to harvest in February.

For those in the hot tropics, your plants should be starting to grow well by now, although keep an eye on how much water your plant is getting and that they do not dry out. The rains during this time can be helpful but do check your plants for mould, which can be a problem. 

temperate climate diagram 2
sub tropical climate diagram 6
tropical climate diagram 6
arid climate diagram 6
mediterranean climate diagram 6


Your plants should be in the vegetative stage now and hopefully growing well and fast. December still sees some long days and is the last month before the length of daylight will start to drop off. You should see your plants growing well and developing more. Auto flowering plants may also start showing flowers now. 

temperate climate diagram
sub tropical climate diagram 5
tropical climate diagram 5
arid climate diagram 5
mediterranean climate diagram 5


Now’s the time to start spotting if your plant is a male or female if you have bought regular seeds. Keep an eye on the nodes, and check for pollen sacks, which would indicate a male plant. These may be tiny at this stage so try using a magnifying glass. 

You will be able to tell more in a couple of weeks but the earlier you discover a male plant, the better, as you will need to keep it away from the females if you want them to produce buds. Auto flowering plants will be producing lots of flowers by this stage.

For those in the far north, this is a wet month and the risk of mould or white powdery mildew is higher. Check your plants regularly to ensure they are not becoming damaged. 

temperate climate diagram 4
sub tropical climate diagram 4
tropical climate diagram 4
arid climate diagram 4
mediterranean climate diagram 4


The daylight hours are starting to die down and are signalling to your plant to start flowering. If growing indoors keep the temperature to 28 degrees Celsius. Auto flowers should be ready to harvest at this stage. You will need to start cutting off the buds and hanging them to dry. 

temperate climate diagram 3
sub tropical climate diagram 3
tropical climate diagram 3
arid climate diagram 3
mediterranean climate diagram 3
cannabis-purple flowers


Temperatures can still be warm in March, although the daylight hours are continuing to drop. Your plant should be ready to harvest at this stage. Some growers like to wait longer but now is generally a good time to start clipping those buds. 

temperate climate diagram 2
sub tropical climate diagram 2
tropical climate diagram 2
arid climate diagram 2
mediterranean climate diagram 2


If you have not already, you should definably be harvesting now. Even the temperature is still warm and your plants still ok, the temperature can fall suddenly. Cool and wet weather or humid weather in the tropics, can all contribute to bud rot, so make sure you harvest before the weather changes. If you see any bud that is rotting, remove it straight away so it does not affect the rest of the harvest. 

Learn how to harvest!

temperate climate diagram
sub tropical climate diagram
tropical climate diagram
arid climate diagram
mediterranean climate diagram
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