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why is sunlight important?

Photosynthesis is the natural process of a plant turning sunlight into energy for optimal growing. Your outdoor cannabis plants will rely on sunlight, which will provide the best possible spectrum of light for your plants.

Cannabis plants will need plenty of sunlight if they are to grow healthily. Stems and leaves are produced from a large amount of sunlight, which then means the plant is able to take in even more light. This is turned into energy for producing quality growth and flowers.

The more sunlight your plant receives, the more it will grow and the higher the yield during harvest. For your plants to start flowering however, you will need at least 12 hours of darkness each day. The combination of light/dark will work together, and your plant will start producing flowers before the cooler weather arrives. 

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how much sunlight does your plant need?

Plants will need around 6 hours of light each day (plus another 5 hours of indirect light). The best way to achieve this, is to find the sunniest place possible, where your plants will receive the most amount of sunlight, preferably during midday when the light is at its best quality.

Once the shorter days kick in and your plant receives 12 hours of compete darkness, it will signal to the plant to start flowering. 

where to put cannabis plants outdoors?

A location where your plant receives the morning and afternoon sun, as well and during the day is ideal. The more sun your cannabis plant gets, the better it will do, so find a spot where it is not overlooked by other tall plants or anything else that will create shade.

 You will not want your plant in a spot with excessive or incredibly strong winds, but you do want a bit of a breeze, particularly for plants grown in warmer climates. A north facing garden is best if growing in Australia (the opposite for the northern hemisphere). 

autoflowering strains

Auto flowers do not require increased hours of darkness in order for them to flower. They will flower automatically after around 8 to 12 weeks, depending on each strain. You will still need to place them in a position that gives them the best light, as this will still reflect on the quality of the yield. 

when to plant seeds

Planting seeds in spring should mean your plant will start flowering in late summer/autumn. In Australia, the grow schedule for outdoors is from around Autumn to April (this could vary from place to place).

The sun will do the hard work and you will not have to rely on light schedules to induce flowering, as you do with indoors grows. However, you still must ensure that the period of darkness each day, is completely dark. Even light from the street or a window can disrupt plant growth. 

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