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Cannabis Music Culture

Are you a musician searching for a fresh avenue to channel your creativity and innovation, yet unsure about where to begin? Have you ever contemplated incorporating cannabis into your musical

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Cannabis Strains and Their Purposes

There are various categories of cannabis, commonly known as weed or marijuana. Marijuana encompasses the dried seeds, stems, leaves, or flowers of the Cannabis plant. The specific classification of weed

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Outdoor vs Indoor

One great thing about growing cannabis is that you can tailor it to your preferences. If you love being outdoors with the sun and grass, you can grow it in

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Cannabis for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a significant health concern, impacting the lives of millions of Australians and incurring substantial economic costs annually. Traditional pharmaceutical treatments, though widely used, may have limitations and

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Is Cannabis a Gateway Drug

What is a Gateway Drug? First things first we must define what a ‘Gateway Drug’ actually is. The Gateway hypothesis proposes a causal connection between different classes of drugs, suggesting

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The War on Drugs

The WAR on drugs Over four decades ago, US President Richard Nixon made a bold declaration, labeling drug abuse as the primary enemy of the public and initiating an unparalleled

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Health Effects of Consuming Cannabis

Cannabis, also known as marijuana and various other names, is the most commonly used illicit drug among adults and adolescents. Illicit drugs are substances that stimulate or inhibit the central

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30 Fascinating Facts About Cannabis

Cannabis is a fascinating plant with a rich history and a complex chemistry. It has been used for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes for thousands of years, and its popularity

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Cannabis Use in Older Adults

As the world’s attitudes toward cannabis use continue to shift, an increasing number of older adults are exploring the potential benefits of this plant. While there are still many misconceptions

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Structure of the Cannabis Plant

You may have heard many terms floating around such as trichomes, nodes, cola, but what do they all mean and what part of the cannabis plant are they referring to? I

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What Are Cannabis Terpenes?

There is a lot more to cannabis than you may think, and it is actually made up of many different compounds and terpenes, but what exactly are terpenes, what do they do, and do they get you high?

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