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Chronical Feminized

60% Sativa, 40% Indica | THC 19-25% | This strain is known for its impressive yields, thanks to its robust hybrid genetics—a blend of Northern Lights, Skunk x Northern Lights, and AK-47. With a medium height and a less branchy structure, it’s not ideal for topping or super cropping. However, it excels in a Sea of Green setup, allowing growers to concentrate on the main colas and maximize plant density in limited space. Chronical delivers astonishing yields, but proper curing is essential to preserve its delightful sweet aroma.


Is it legal to buy Cannabis seeds in Australia?

  • Cannabis seeds do not contain any illegal properties on their own and can be purchased for collectable/souvenir purposes only in Australia.   If you live in the ACT or have a medicinal license, these laws may not apply to you.   Learn more about current Australian legalization laws.

How can I buy Cannabis seeds in Australia?

  • Seeds Please Australia offer rare & heirloom seed varieties and will have a selection of  Cannabis Seeds available very soon (August/September) strictly for souvenir / collectable purposes only.   They have heaps of positive reviews, but note that they will not support germination….

Chronical Feminized Growing Information

Chronical is a highly intricate cannabis strain offering a remarkable range of flavors, tastes, and effects. Its taste profile is a delightful combination of nectar, orange, pepper, and lemon, while its aroma carries notes of sourness, sweetness, and spice.

With its indica heritage, Chronic provides a multi-layered high that primarily affects the body. The body high induces a state of calmness and can lead to couch lock, sleepiness, and increased appetite. The cerebral high, on the other hand, brings feelings of exhilaration, along with thought-provoking and meditative experiences.

Chronic has a flowering time of approximately 64 days and delivers substantial indoor yields. However, outdoor yields tend to be less impressive.

Chronic is the result of a powerful cross between AK-47, Northern Lights, and a Northern Lights x Skunk hybrid, giving it predominantly Indica roots.

Taste and Aroma:
Cultivators and smokers alike favor Chronic for its stunning appearance and sweet honey-like aroma. With careful cultivation, it offers exceptional flavors that stand out from typical cannabis strains.

Chronic’s genetics produce a medium-sized plant with a perfect blend of high yield and excellent quality. Growers are often amazed at harvest time by the massive central cola and the striking beauty of Chronic’s flowers. The plant primarily grows into one large central bud with minimal side branching.

Chronic does not respond well to topping and is better suited for a ‘one bud’ approach or selecting the best side branches. Special attention must be given to the drying process to preserve its sweet honey aroma. As noted by Simon, the breeder, “Even when alive, the scent of wildflowers is subtle, and it will be lost for good if not dried properly. When put in plastic before being completely dry, the scent has irreversibly disappeared, this even more so for this variety than for all others I have worked with.”

Chronic provides a strong physical effect, with additional mental relaxation, creativity, and a hint of meditation. Its AK-47 lineage ensures a long-lasting and enjoyable high.

Key Numbers:

  • Flowering Period: 53 to 63 days (8 to 9 weeks)
  • Yield: One of the highest, up to 800g/m²



  • Growth: Chronical grows into a medium-sized plant with a less branchy structure, making it ideal for the Sea of Green (SOG) method. It focuses on developing a large central cola with few side branches, making it unsuitable for topping or super cropping.
  • Yield: Known for its impressive yields, Chronical can produce abundant harvests, especially when grown indoors. The buds are large and resinous, requiring proper curing to maintain their sweet aroma.
  • Flowering Time: Approximately 64 days.

Feeding: This indica benefits from heavy feeding. Maintaining plant strength with micronutrients helps prevent pests and mold from affecting the dense colas.

Growing Tips:

  • Method: Best suited for Sea of Green (SOG) due to its structure.
  • Drying: Proper drying is crucial to preserve its unique sweet honey aroma. Ensure the buds are fully dried before storage to maintain their fragrance.

Chronical stands out for its remarkable yield, complex flavor profile, and potent effects, making it a favorite among growers and users seeking a high-quality cannabis experience.


  • All Cannabis strains, require a full spectrum nutrient complete with the macro nutrients such as Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium and the secondary nutrients and micronutrients like, calcium, sulphur, hydrogen, magnesium, manganese, carbon, iron, zinc etc.
  • For coco/perlite grows, we recommend Nutrifield Coco A&B for use throughout the entire grow, with Nutrifield Organic BUD BURST at the beginning of the flowering phase right through to harvest.  As bud burst is organic, this ensures a nice smooth, super clean tasting smoke that you will love!
  • For soil based growing (not recommended), just make sure you use a high quality soil rich in organic matter such as compost and manure.   Note that manure if high in nitrogen which you’ll want to reduce during the flowering stage. 
  • During the flowering stage, change the ratio so you are using up to three times more phosphorus than nitrogen and potassium. Also continue to add in secondary nutrients such as iron, copper, and manganese.  The best way to do this is simply to use orgnanic Bud Burst during flowering all the way as this will ensure a smooth finish with no chemical taste.   Amazing stuff!
  • For organic grows, we recommend Aptus Baseboost organic nutrient   with coco/perlite 70/30 ratio.   This stuff is highly concentrated so a little goes a long way making it great value.     Simply add the pellets to the coco as per the instructions and it will completely transform any inert growing medium into a powerful full spectrum grow media.. 

Growing Tips

  • Your plants will need consistent air flow and good ventilation, whether you are choosing the perfect spot for an outdoor grow, or are growing in an indoor grow room. They need air that is rich in oxygen, to help prevent respiration, deter any pests, and allow your plant to grow healthy and strong. Use fans to help circulate air, or if you can afford it, exhaust systems are an excellent choice.

Why buy ‘Feminized’ Seeds

  • Marijuana plants are either male or female.   The male flower produces sacs or pollen designed to fertilize the female flower which produces white pistols designed to absorb the pollen.   If no male plants are present in the growing area, than the female plant will just grow larger and larger flowers in search of pollen.   These flowers are the cannabis buds that we all know and love.   The male plants hold only minuscule amount of THC, while the female flowers are oozing with THC crystals (the good stuff).   For this reason, marijuana growers are seeking only female plants in the grow room (unless they want alot of seedy buds).Feminsed seeds have been cultivated in a precise way so that the seed is genetically more likely to produce a female plant.   Autoflower seeds automatically transition from the vegetative phase to the flowering stage without you needing to adjust their light exposure.   Fore more detailed growing information, see our in depth grow guide.