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8 New Cannabis Products on the Market in 2021 Leave a comment

As the cannabis market grows in the US and Canada in particular, the rise of new CBD products has been seen, with ever-new cannabis-infused products being created. Cannabis is no longer about just smoking or vaping, there are so many ways to use it. In this post we will discuss some new cannabis products you can try (if legal in your area of course).

In Australia, most of these products will not be available as of yet, however with the Australian Capital Territory having legalised cannabis for recreational use, it may not be long before the Australian market starts seeing products like below.

When trying a new product make sure you are aware of how it will affect you, and always start with a low dose first time round. These new cannabis products can be a great way for you to experiment with what works best for you.


We are seeing CBD oil everywhere around the US and Canadian markets, as well as for use for medical reasons in many countries around the world. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an element of the cannabis plant that does not cause a high but is known to have some beneficial properties, such as being anti-inflammatory (so helping with some types of pain), relieving nausea and sickness, reducing seizures, and helping with anxiety and stress relief.

CBD is popular as it contains many benefits, without getting you high, making it great for those seeking its medicinal benefits.

Cannabis-infused drinks

Cannabis cocktails are a thing now. Although still new to the market, all kinds of beverages infused with the good stuff are propping up. As well as marijuana cocktails, you will also find cannabis-infused sparkling water, coffee, cola, fruit juices, beer, and cannabis tea.

Some studies have shown that drinking cannabis tea can be a way to relieve chronic pain.

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Culinary cannabis

The culinary cannabis food scene in slowly starting to appear in some US states where recreational use is now legal. Take the restaurant 99th Floor cannabis restaurant, based in New York. They host highly acclaimed dining events and hope to destigmatise the use of cannabis through creating some incredible food.

Chef Miguel Trinidad, who has been featured in the New York Times and other well-known magazines, creates gourmet cannabis-infused food, such as beef shank with cannabis infused broth, and lamb chops with bordelaise sauce, infused with THC. The goal is not to get guests high as a kite, but for them to enjoy all the senses and the whole journey and experience.

Cannabis chocolate

Delicious, gourmet CBD and some THC infused chocolates are making their way on to the cannabis market. There are plenty of chocolate treats to try, from white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. This can make a more convenient way to consume your cannabis, and the CBD varieties may even help with pain and other troubles. Just remember not to overdo it on the chocolate!


Cannabis gum

There are some clinical trials going on at the moment for the use of chewing gum for medical cannabis, with high CBD-infused gums on the market in some areas. You can also buy THC gum, which is said to work quickly, creating a ‘high’ within 15 minutes and lasting for up to four hours.

Bath salts and bath bombs

Cannabis infused bath salts or bath bombs are some of the fun new cannabis products on the market. You can even try making them yourself at home. Whilst they will not give you that typical you high you get when smoking a joint, you will likely feel a deep relaxation and stress reducing feeling.

Cannabis gummies

Gummy bears and other sweets are becoming quite the staple in some areas within the US, where personal cannabis use is legal. Whilst there is little research on these, their effects and how much CBD they contain, they are popular with buyers. You can also make them yourself at home.

cannabis gummies packets

New cannabis beauty products

There is some research to suggest that CBD can also be great for certain skin conditions, such as acne and eczema and could also be a great moisturiser. For these reasons, we are seeing CBD beauty products making new appearances, in the forms of lip balms, creams, oils, soap bars, cleaners, sleeping masks and more.

For those in Australia where you cannot find these products, there are several companies now using hemp as an ingredient in skincare products, such as the Body Shop’s hemp line.

For more information on cannabis beauty products, please check out our beauty news category for more articles.

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