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CG Australia Review – Cannabis Seeds in Australia? 32


Cannabis is becoming very popular among Australians, especially for medicinal purposes. In line with this trend, business are slowly emerging in the country to meet the demand for cannabis seeds.

When searching to buy Cannabis Seeds quite a few companies do appear, but when you go to make a purchase, it seems like every one is just passing you off to an overseas site?  For example, weedseedsaustralia are obviously an affiliate site for herbies seeds which come from Europe.    So you go there expecting to buy from an Aussie company with fast domestic Aussie shipping, only to find out you’re paying overseas and waiting up to 4+ weeks for your seeds and with all the risks of customs confiscation etc etc.   


The laws are still so vague in Australia, that most legit companies do not want to deal with the risks.   There are however a few around who have found a bit of a loophole.   Cannabis Seeds on their own are actually not technically illegal.   It’s just a seed….   But as soon as you put that seed in water to germinate it, you’re suddenly committing a crime.   Unbeleivable really….   So some companies sell the seeds for collectable purposes with no referencing to the growing aspects of the seed.   If you think about it, that makes sense.   Who says you can’t own a seed?   It’s not illegal to own a seed, and even if it was do you think the authorities are going to bring in the SWAT team on you?!  

One Aussie co that appears to be having a proper go, is CG Australia.  So we thought what better way than to give em a try and find out for ourselves?   


If you’re trying to figure out of CG is a scam, well judging by this article at the top of the search engine, one would certainly think so!   This article references a thread on reddit from someone seeking info on CG in order to buy Cannabis Seeds from Australia.   The redditt post had a few comments, but none actually claiming CG was scam, even though a couple were just disgruntled customers by the sound of it.   Despite this, the weedseedsaustralia post concluded that CG Australia was indeed a scam and that instead you should buy from them!   

OK, nothing to see right folks!  🙂

Not so fast!

Upon closer look it’s obvious the article is a hit piece from a competitor trying to discredit CG Australia.    

Firstly, an article slandering a service but written by the competition?   Yeah, that’s not exactly credible is it?   So we tried posting a positive review in the comment section of that page…..  Low and behold, it never appeared on the article!   Of course they have a vested interest to keep things negative for CG.   


CG Australia state in their T&C’s that seeds are sold strictly for souvenir/collectable/storage purposes only.  Therfore germination and growing support is not offered. 

While this is understandable it’s a bit concerning when you’re spending a fair wack of money on your precious gems….    This also begs the question: 

“Are they just using that loophole to pass off worth less crappy seeds with poor genetics?”   


We purchased 2 lots of seeds.   The first was Guerilla Glue Feminized.   A 5 pack was $75 + $5 shipping.   Placing the order was simple.   Just add to cart, name/address then pay with direct deposit or crypto.   We paid with direct deposit via our bank.   Was great to see it was an Australian account we were paying into.   2 days later we received an email from CG with the tracking number.   3 days after that, the package arrived in the post.     Shweeet!  

We germinated them using the paper towel method.   Just a couple seeds on wet paper towel in a ziplock bag.   They germinated in 2 days.   Nice strong, healthy little germs.  On the 3rd day we planted in a small pot with 70% coco coir / 30% perlite then and then watered with hydroponic nutrien at an EC of 1.0 for the first few days increasing to 2.0 after a week then transplanted into largeer pots.   

These things went totally balistic!  As it was late September when we started, they took 2 full months to veg, but we’re talking 7 foot tall bushy bohemith plants with a base stem almost the size of my wrist.    We were very happy to see that all plants were indeed female as expected.  Another 6 weeks later and each plant over 1 pound dried!    Legit high quality resounous, flavourful Cannabis.   Un-fricken beleivable!      

On the 2nd round, we purchased Auto White Widow.   Same results for germination (100% germ) and this time the plants started flowering after 4 weeks (about the 5th node).   We were harvesting 5 weeks later from then, and the buds were super dense, crystally and flavourful!   

Conclusion:  Yeah, don’t worry about the ‘souvenir/collectable’ thing…   these guys are obviously sourcing high quality genetics….



CG claim to have over 600+ customer reviews the vast majority of which are overwhelmingly positive.  You can find these at the bottom of the buy cannabis seeds page.   

Some would say, they’re too positive and they’re likely just fake…   Honestly, have a squiz through them and you’ll see they look pretty genuine.   Yes everyone seems super stoked but they appear to be different writing styles….

Anyway, we posted a review on the guerilla glue fem seeds page and it’s still there today in the same format that we provided it, so we know for certain it’s legit.   Of course we did give it 5 stars so not sure if CG would post something with 1 star!   Although you can see they do have 2 star, 3 star and 4 star reviews also all published, so that’s a pretty good sign actually…

Upon closer look the few negative reviews typically relate to poor germination so that is somewhat of a concern given CG will likely not discuss germination but then again, does the person actually know what they’re doing?  

For those who want to know the best method to germinate Cannabis Seeds, or to check out our many other grow guide resources here


In conclusion, CG Australia is not a scam and is a legitimate cannabis seed supplier in Australia.    As with any business, negative reviews will exist, but overwhelmingly, the reviews on CG are positive.  Be careful in trusting reviews on competitor websites.   They obviously have a vested interest in descrediting a genuine Aussie seed service.   Don’t listen to the naysayers!


  1. First time buyer was hesitant at first. Received my order in Tasmania
    All 10 sprouted it’s a waiting game now. See how these Girl Scout cookies go!
    Good service! I’ll be back
    Cheers CG Australia

  2. Don’t believe anything you read from the WeedSeedsAustralia review!

    I have had amazing success for 2 years straight with CG Australia seeds. Fast delivery very strong genetics, totally happy. I have tried to post this this on the WeedseedsAustralia review, it does not get posted!!!! They only allow negative reviews or fake negative ones.


  3. I ordered from here and a Spanish company at the same time. CG delivered within 4 days AUST, waited 5 weeks for other.
    Would recommend the local company and will use again.

  4. Very happy 6 days from ordering to hi my front door all seeds are going good will buy more five stars keep up the good work

  5. Stress free ordering and fast delivery !
    Very happy with the company and purchase !
    There loving this sun !

  6. Legit – fast postage

  7. Fast delivery nice looking beans

    1. Very fast and good service. Unfortunately only 1 of the 5 seeds germinated. Still happy though

  8. Iwant to order but can’t delete an order I made a mistake on ordering

  9. Yes they are legit. I’ve ordered through CG Australia, the letter arrived quickly and I thought they did very well to keep my items private. All were labelled and the seeds are growing into cute little plants right now. No complaints. I’m a happy customer. Will order more next year!

  10. Service was quick and efficient all though I had a few problems with some and had zero reply’s from anyone after a few attempts I guess these things happen maybe ?

  11. Awesome. Received within a week of purchase. In the ground growing. Legit!!

  12. Absolutely legit Australian supplier. Product is good quality and as described. would definitely recommend.

  13. Great product !! Prompt service !! Large variety of quality seeds !!
    I’ll be back in the future !
    Give them a try, I doubt you will be disappointed

  14. The genetics look good. Arrived quickly. Had 3 out of 25 that didn’t germ but they chucked in freebies with a ten pack and all my pots are filled. I’ll use them again for sure.

  15. I highly recommend CG Australia, prompt discreet delivery and no hassle what so ever, great customer service and great seeds, germinated each and Everytime and plants smell Devine and so many trichomes.
    I just did a harvest and it was like I had a tub of superglue on my hands

  16. CG Australia is the real deal seeds arrived within est time,Will definitely be getting more seeds for sure

  17. Seeds arrived quickly.
    Germinated at 100 percent.
    The real deal.

  18. 100% legit have bought 4 times and wouldn’t buy from anywhere else. Great service fast shipping hands down the best in aus.

  19. Yep all good

  20. prompt delivery , 100 % germination

  21. Did purchase gem g glue and gelato for a friend cracked sprouted in two days nice and healthy no complaints he grew for 8 weeks turned to flower 3 weeks still no sign of sex is this what they mean by there ornamental he ain’t happy

  22. How can I get through to these people ? Each time I try I get server error sign .. Are they still in business ?

  23. Was a simple process you get an order number you pay an Aussie bank account and make reference to your order number. Email to say payment received and then three days letter seeds arrive. I’ve used them three times now. Germinated every time. I’ve ordered from US and Canada and had a few very expensive seeds not jump. Ordered Sour D and very happy with quality.

  24. Wasn’t sure at first, I’m not one to trust anything on the intawebs especially media run my organised crime government’s. But cg deliver fast to Brisbane within a couple of days. Risk verses reward paid off! have a go!

  25. Excellent quality very happy with service

  26. CG Australia totally legit, very satisfied customer. Put in 3 orders so far, all orders were delivered within the 2 to 7 day mailing period as stated. Will continue to put in orders with CG and hope that they broaden their seed selection in the near future as their company grows bigger and better.

  27. I have got 4 different seed types and received them all!! I have tryed all the other places including Herbies that got confiscated by customs!! $200.00 gone just like that! I will be sticking with CG!!
    Thank you!

  28. Have been looking for a reliable Australian website that can deliver seeds direct to me, very trustworthy would 100% recommend

  29. No way they are legit. Well they do send seeds but you simply have no idea what they send you.
    Purchased thc and cbd seeds.
    When I asked simply if they had my order I got a barrage of abuse.
    I then got a replacement for the thc as they had run out.
    6 months down the track I ended up with 2 thc plants.
    Who knows if they are both indica that I ordered.
    They didn’t answer my email asking for replacement so I put a review on their page. That review doesn’t show up so they must remove the bad ones.
    They seen my review straight away and sent me an email within one minute yet didn’t have time previously.
    They offered a discount if I buy more seeds. Lol.
    Yeh right. Get another load of dodgy seeds.
    I wouldn’t buy again from this company

  30. Def legit. Purchased 3 times and keep going back for more! Genetics are tops. I tried weedseedsaustralia (Herbies) last year…. Got 1 lot through but other was confisgated by customs.:-( $150 gone… no help. Will keep using CG.

    1. Can I ask how you managed to get your seeds ? I cannot seem too be able to contact them ..

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