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“Exercise Caution”: Replication Study Challenges the Assumed Link Between Medical Marijuana Laws and Decrease in Opioid Overdose Mortality Rates Leave a comment

Medical cannabis has been promoted as a potential remedy for the opioid overdose crisis in the United States, following a 2014 study by Bachhuber et al. This study claimed that states with medical marijuana regulations experienced slower rises in opioid overdose fatalities between 1999 and 2010, in contrast to states without such laws. This research garnered significant attention in both scientific literature and the mainstream media. Consequently, proponents within the cannabis industry argued that individuals grappling with opioid use disorder could turn to cannabis as a means to decrease or halt their opioid consumption. To contribute essential insights for shaping policies at the intersection of cannabis regulations and opioid use, Shover and their collaborators aimed to replicate the original findings by Bachhuber et al. and, employing the same methodology, extend the analysis up until 2017.


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