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How can we estimate the size of Australia’s illegal cannabis market and the potential tax revenue from legalising it? Leave a comment

At the end of this month, the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee will release its report on a bill to legalise cannabis.

The aim of legalisation is to divert profits from organised crime, protect those under 18, and ensure public health with strict safety and quality regulations. For these goals to be met, the new legal market must attract current cannabis users, especially heavy users, away from the illegal market and its established supply chains.

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About the Author

Our deep love of plants and fascination with Cannabis has enabled over 25 years of successful small-scale Marijuana cultivation from indoor hydroponics, greenhouses, and outdoor growing set-ups.

As Cannabis laws around the world change, *we support the movement toward freedom of choice for responsible, consenting adults who wish to experience the joy and wonder of growing a Cannabis plant.

*All info is for entertainment purposes only.  We do not condone illegal growing of Cannabis.   Consult your state laws accordingly. 

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