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How Long Will Your Buds Last from Growing 1 Cannabis Plant? Leave a comment

As of the 31st of January 2020, residents in the Australian Capital Territory are allowed to grow up to two plants per person or four per household. This has got many people trying out growing their own cannabis themselves for the first time.

If you are new to growing cannabis, you may be wondering where to start and how much you can actually get from just one marijuana plant. From this post you will see that there are several factors that will affect how many flowers you can get from your cannabis plant, and different strains will also grow at different rates.

Buds or flowers will depend on yield

Before you get into growing cannabis at home, you may want to take a bit of time to read about the types of strains and how they grow. Some cannabis strains are known to produce high yields and some not so much. Yield is the number of buds your plant will produce at harvest.

Where you grow your cannabis will also have an effect on the number of flowers you get and how big your plant will become. When growing indoors, you will be limited by both space and however strong your grow lights are. When grown outside, cannabis plants can become huge if they are not fighting for space!

Keep in mind though, that bigger is not always better. Some cannabis plants may grow really tall but not produce a quality bud. Some may be smaller but produce much higher yields, or higher quality buds, which is what you want!

There are many factors which will all play a part in how many buds your cannabis plant produces. All cannabis plants (and indeed all plants in general) need a good amount of sunlight. Always make sure when you are growing cannabis that it has sufficient space. If grown too closely together, your plants may create shade over each other, reducing their ability to get light from the sun. Cannabis plants love the full sun and will grow happily with six hours of direct sunlight each day. This can play a big part in producing big yields.

When growing cannabis indoors you will need to keep an eye on the strength of your grow lights. The bigger the space/ more plants you have, the stronger the grow light will need to be.

Another thing you will need to monitor when growing cannabis yourself is the harvest time. You need to get this right as harvesting too late or too early will affect bud quality. Learn a bit more about harvest here.

If growing cannabis indoors then you may be restricted by the amount of space you have. If you are tight on space, then your plants may need to be harvested sooner, as they will not be able to grow to their full size. If you have a bit more room, you can let them grow a little longer, to increase bud size and yield.

Growing outdoors, you will need to see when best to plant your marijuana. This will depend on the climate where you are living, and what the weather is like at the time of harvest. Some climates may have really wet weather towards harvest time, so you will want to ensure your seeds are planted early enough, so they don’t get drowned out at harvest time. In tropical climates like Northern Australia, you may be able to grow year-round. Whereas some parts of Oz will be too cold at the start of the season, so you may need to wait a few weeks to give your seedlings the best start. Take a look at our Australian cannabis grow calendar for more information.

Typically, cannabis plants love warm and temperate growing conditions, but indica strains do tend to grow well in colder, dryer climates. Sativa strains will like a warmer and more humid environment. A consistent temperature is preferable as if the weather suddenly gets a lot hotter or colder, your plant may experience a lack of growth. This is one of the advantages of growing indoors, as it is more manageable to keep a consistent temperature.

When thinking about the amount of yield you want to produce when growing cannabis, you will need to monitor your soil quality, as a bad quality of soil or growing medium will affect growth rate. An excellent quality soil will have the nutrients your plant needs to produce healthy buds. This is where growing hydroponically creates a great advantage. Using a system like a hydro vertical garden can ensure you are providing a consistent and quality level of nutrients at every growth stage. Typically, cannabis plants grow extremely well in hydroponic systems!

If growing directly in the ground you will want to make sure the soil is of good quality, and you will need to add nutrient to it. If growing in a pot, make sure that your plants have enough space for the roots to grow, to avoid stunted growth.

Also keep in mind that the type of strain you grow will have a direct effect on how many buds your plant will produce. Typically, sativa strains will grow quite tall, with thinner leaves, and indica strains will grow shorter and denser. Strains like Blue Dream, Amnesia Haze and Sour Diesel are well-known to produce large yields. Some plants will produce fewer buds, but better quality. Some will yield a large amount of buds at a lesser quality, so it really depends on what you are looking for.

When you harvest your plant, it will initially weigh much more than the final result, as the plant will lose a lot of moisture during the drying and cutting process, expect about 75% weight loss after you harvest.

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How much yield from one cannabis plant?

On average, most medium to large sized cannabis plants will provide around 225g of buds, when grown outside and 112g when grown indoors. Remember that if grown outdoors, given enough space and light, your cannabis plant can easily grow much bigger and produce double that figure!

To put that into perspective one gram is the same as around one or two joints. So, if you smoked one gram a day, your cannabis bud batch could last you around 7 months with an outdoor yield or 4 months from an indoor yield. That’s pretty good!

As you can see, you can get impressive results here. The leftover buds can be put into storage or used to make cannabis edibles like chocolate brownies, cannabutter, and cooking oils.

Remember that growing cannabis takes time, and you may not get it right straight away. You will need to take in the many factors that will affect bud growth or quality and learn from mistakes. Keep practicing and you’ll be producing great quality yields in no time!

Remember to always check the laws in your state, we no not condone the illegal growing of cannabis plants at CG. At the moment the ACT is the only place you can grow plants at home. Happy growing!

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