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Infuse Your Cannabis with the Delightful Taste of Apples! Leave a comment

Apples hold their appeal throughout the year, yet there are specific times when thoughts gravitate towards all things apple-infused. From apple-picking sessions that led to the creation of apple cider, apple pies, apple cobbler, and even caramel apples – the connection is evident. However, it might surprise you to learn that cannabis enthusiasts also have the avenue of indulging in apple-flavored cannabis, delivering a sweet experience. This offers a way to satiate those apple cravings (minus the accompanying calories of a slice of pie a la mode), all the while exploring and relishing in novel Cannabis Strains.

But before we delve into our favored apple-infused selections, you might find yourself pondering…


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About the Author

Our deep love of plants and fascination with Cannabis has enabled over 25 years of successful small-scale Marijuana cultivation from indoor hydroponics, greenhouses, and outdoor growing set-ups.

As Cannabis laws around the world change, *we support the movement toward freedom of choice for responsible, consenting adults who wish to experience the joy and wonder of growing a Cannabis plant.

*All info is for entertainment purposes only.  We do not condone illegal growing of Cannabis.   Consult your state laws accordingly. 

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