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What is CBD Water and What are its Benefits? Leave a comment

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis and is having a moment currently, with more and more products being approved for over the counter. CBD is known for its medicinal benefits and can be found in a multitude of cannabis products, such as bath bombs, oils, extracts, skincare products and more.

A popular cannabis product to hit the shelves is CBD water, but what exactly is it and does it have any benefits? Read on to find out more.

So, what is CBD water?

Quite simply, CBD particles are infused in water, creating a low-dose cannabis infused water drink. It is commonly made using something called nanotechnology. As CBD and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are fat-soluble, using nanotechnology can help to make the soluble molecules be better absorbed into the water.

Different manufacturers will use various type of CBD extracts to create this water. A CBD isolate extract only contains the CBD and no other traces of other cannabinoids. A broad-spectrum CBD contains every compound found in cannabis but excludes THC (the psychoactive part of the plant). Full-spectrum CBD will include all the terpenes and cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC.

The use of nanotechnology in CBD absorption is limited in its research, although one particular study suggests that lipid-based CBD nanoparticles could be better absorbed by the body. More research on this subject does need to be completed though.

Once opened the CBD in the cannabis water bottle will start to degrade from exposure to air. CBD is also sensitive to light, however many of the bottles on the shelves come in clear containers, so the potency of CBD water will likely degrade over time.

It is also worth noting that you will likely feel the effects more quicky when consuming cannabis drinks compared with edibles, possible after 20 to 30 minutes. Keep this in mind so you do not take too much as cause ‘greening out.’

In places where CBD is legal, you can find CBD water in health stores or on online stores.

Are there benefits to CBD water?

As the CBD content in CBD water is generally low, and due to possible degradation on the shelves, more research is really needed to go into the benefits of CBD water. However, there is some data out there which suggest some possible benefits.

It could help with migraines and headaches. The way CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors can help to relive pain from headaches.

CBD water may also help with hydration and inflammation after a long workout. CBD is known to reduce inflammation, and therefore the pain associated with it. As our bodies are 60% water, the CBD may be faster absorbed by the body.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors located in the brain and body, are known to interact with CBD, and this can affect how we feel stress. Studies have suggested that CBD can help relieve stress and anxiety in some people. However always talk to a medical professional beforehand, particularly those who already have a mental health condition. CBD may also help with insomnia and those trying to fall asleep.

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Any downsides?

CBD water may offer some benefits but one of the downsides is that it contains extremely low levels of CBD and is also quite expensive. For treatment of ailments such as pain, inflammation, or stress, it may be better to try CBD oil with a higher concentration of Cannabidiol.

CBD water should also be avoided if taking alongside any other edible or drink that contains grapefruit, as these two substances when mixed can interact with the p-450 liver and gut enzymes and break down any other prescription drugs in the body.

If taking other drugs, it is also wise to talk to a medical professional before taking CBD or any other cannabis products, to avoid any side effects.

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