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For many of you who live in places where you can now grow your own cannabis plants at home, you may be wondering the best ways to grow and how you can harvest faster. Perhaps you want to grow cannabis faster because of cooler weather coming, or maybe you are worried someone may spot your crop if left outdoors for too long, or it maybe you are just impatient to get your weed! Don’t worry, we hear you!

As growing your own cannabis can be a time consuming hobby to have, it can be frustrating waiting for that harvest time to come around. Do remember though, that while there are things which you can do to speed up the flowering process, you will want to be careful not to sacrifice quality in your buds. Sometimes if you are trying to grow cannabis faster, the quality of your buds may suffer, so do take that into account.

That being said, here are some useful ways to grow cannabis faster…

If growing indoors- use auto flowering cannabis

Auto flowering cannabis contains elements of the ruderalis strain, which is naturally grown in cold regions round the globe, such as Siberia. This means that it has learnt to flower early, before the really cold weather comes in and destroys the flowers and buds.

Auto flowering cannabis also flower automatically (hence the name) and often earlier than photoperiod strains. Some plants will begin to flower 2 weeks after germination and can be ready to harvest at 7 weeks.

Prune your plant

Take time to prune any excess or dead leaves/ stems of your plant. By removing any unnecessary leaves, your cannabis plant will be able to focus more of its energy into growing beautiful flowers and buds, as opposed to wasting its energy in dying leaves.

Start from a clone

Starting from clone rather than a cannabis seed, could save you some extra time. These clones are small clippings taken from a bigger cannabis plant, so you can just plant them straight into the ground or pot. Do keep a good eye on your clones as they can be susceptible to disease and may be a little weaker.

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Encourage photoperiod strains to flower early

You can help to encourage your plant into thinking it is in the flowering stage by putting in in 12 hours of darkness every day, right from germination. Although this method does work, it means that your plants may be smaller, and the yield will not be as big.

You can also try giving your plants 24 hours of light every day in the vegetative stage. This could help your plant to flower a little earlier and you might get a little more yield.

Grow hydroponically

Hydroponics are well-known to help plants grow faster, as the nutrients are delivered straight to the roots. This method will probably not make the flowering stage any faster, but it will make your plant grow extremely well, and produce big, full, and quality yields.

Nurture your cannabis plant

Love, care, and attention can go a long way for your cannabis plants, and it is down to you to make sure they have everything they need to survive. Ensure the temperature is correct, they are receiving enough water and nutrients, as well as sunlight.

Growing hydroponically can allow you to really control how much nutrients your plant is getting, and plants will also be less prone to pests and disease.

checking temperature of cannabis plant

Fast growing strains

Some cannabis strains have faster growing times or reach the flowering stage earlier than others. Strains like Northern Lights, Royal Cheese, and Santa Maria are just a few of the many cannabis strains with fast flowering times. These strains can have a flowering stage of 6 to 8 weeks and can be up to 4 weeks faster then other types of strains.

Cover your outdoor plants

By covering up your outdoors plants with tarp or another lightweight cover, you can help create the 12 hours of darkness your plants need every day, for it to start the flowering stage. Put your cover over your plants in the early evening and take it off the following morning. This can help to produce better quality and flavoursome buds.

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips for how to grow cannabis faster. If you are looking for more helpful advice, then check out the rest of our site!

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