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colourful decorations and funky chairs inside church of cannabis

What is the International Church of Cannabis? Leave a comment

Who wants to go to church and smoke cannabis?! Because you can, in Denver, Colorado.

The International Church of Cannabis is a religious organisation which treats cannabis almost like a ritual. The church’s members believe smoking cannabis helps people to understand themselves on a greater level and encourages those to find a spiritual journey.

This new religion of ‘elevationism’ is a way for people to see the spiritual benefits of cannabis, and the members of the church all see cannabis as a sacred flower. Anyone can take part in elevationism, you do not have to convert from another religion.  

The 113 year old church is situated in the Washington Park neighbourhood of Denver and from the outside looks rather mundane. Once inside, however, you will see the colourful, multi-coloured murals, painted by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. The painting of the International Church of Cannabis took him just 6 days, and shows bright, geometrical shapes across the ceilings and windows.

person with camera inside international church of cannabis

The cannabis church also has paintings by artist Kenny Scharf, whose work has appeared in the New York galleries MOMA and the Guggenheim Museum.

As Colorado states that cannabis must be smoked at home or in private clubs, the church is strictly members only, and once the pot is lighted, only those over the age of 21 are allowed inside. There are currently over 1400 members of the cannabis church.

Once the service has started, church members are encouraged to light up joints, interact with each other and simply the moment. The International Church of Cannabis also has its BEYOND nights, where members will be treated to a fully immersive and meditative experience, complete with laser lights and sounds. The BEYOND nights are open to the general public, so by law, you will not be allowed to smoke your weed on these evenings.

To find out more about the International Church of Cannabis, check out their website. 

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